Wireless Clocks Aid in the Healthcare Field

Our world is constantly evolving; we have never had as many people on earth as we do right now. Earth’s population has surpassed the 7 billion mark. A large reason for this growing trend is the fact that humans are living longer than ever before, due in large part to our greater knowledge of the human body, improving medical technology and medicine that is constantly developing.

Timing is such an important variable in the daily operation of any business, but when the lives and health of humans are on the line, it gains a whole different realm of importance. In a hospital setting, stress levels are often high, with hundreds of patients, health professionals and visiting patrons located throughout a hospital facility at any given time. Because of this, the need for efficient work and productivity is crucial. Installing a Sapling wireless clock system can benefit any healthcare facility, aiding in the scheduling of important tasks conducted to keep a hospital running and patients healthy.

A Sapling wireless clock system is a unique, yet efficient way to provide the exact same time to all clocks within a facility. A Sapling wireless clock system begins with the master clock, that receives time from either an (S)NTP server or GPS receiver. Once the master clock has received the correct time from either of those sources, it than distributes that time to all of the connected secondary clocks within the system. This process of the signal being sent to the secondary clocks occurs numerous times throughout a day, ensuring that every system wireless clock stays updated with the most accurate time possible.

With hundreds of vaccinations, shots and medicines given to patients in a hospital, the timing in which these medicines are given out is extremely important. A hospital’s medical staff should be able to administer medicine accurately and on time; failure to do so could potentially present major health ramifications and legal issues. With a Sapling wireless clock system in a hospital, any medical professional administering the proper medicine will be able to document the correct times and keep the most accurate records possible, thus avoiding possible legal ramifications while providing well regarded care.

Ensuring the care of patients is a hospital’s top priority and any product that can aid in that process should be examined and implemented like a Sapling wireless clock system.