A company’s manufacturing division is one of the most important parts of any business. In order to get the right amount of product out the door, planning the appropriate amount of production time is essential. Besides completing an order that consists of the highest quality control, it’s also extremely important that a manufacturing plant stays on schedule. Within manufacturing, timing is essential and with the installation of a synchronized clock system, a plant will be able to successfully produce and transport a company’s product on time.



Streamline the Production Process

Time synchronization will help make sure all necessary departments are on schedule and prepared to push the product through to the next stage of development, eliminating the possibility for backup. A clock system also helps with accurate recordings of how long workers spend assembling and shipping products, so managers can decide how to allocate their resources efficiently.


Coordinate Shift Changes and Break Times

There may be multiple shift changes and alternating break times throughout any given work day. One way to coordinate your employees is by implementing the count down feature included with the our digital clock system. The digital clocks have the ability to display a countdown between shift changes and/or break times, which can keep production workers aware of the time throughout the day.


Lower Maintenance Cost and Time

With the implementation of a Sapling synchronized clock system in a manufacturing plant, there is no need to worry about constantly performing maintenance on the clocks when Daylight Saving Time or a sudden power outage occurs. Sapling clocks have the ability to automatically update the time when a change or outage occurs. This feature also prevents incorrect record keeping on work orders from occurring, so reporting will not be skewed.