There is hardly such a thing as a typical workday for healthcare professionals; they tend to face new challenges every day. Efficient time management is an essential attribute for doctors, nurses and staff to possess in order to effectively tend to patients’ needs. It’s important for hospitals to provide their staff with the resources that can maximize this skill because the well being of patients as well as the reputation of a hospital hangs in the balance. Implementing a synchronized clock system is the most effective way to maximize time management skills in a hospital. A synchronized clock system can provide many benefits for a hospital that cannot be duplicated.



Administering Medicine and Minimizing Legal Issues

It’s important that a hospital’s medical staff is able to administer medicine on time and accurately. Failure to give medicine to patients at accurate times could potentially have serious ramifications and legal issues. With a synchronized clock system, you can avoid legal hassles, continue to provide patients with top-level care and administer medication on time, all the time.


Assisting in Code Blue Situations

Code Blue situations are extremely serious and every second counts. Utilizing Sapling’s digital clocks in conjunction with the Elapsed Timer lets doctors and nurses know how much time has passed since the patient has been in a Code Blue situation.


Keep the Most Accurate Records

Are your nurses and doctors still keeping track of time with their wristwatch or cell phone? Keeping track of medical records becomes much easier when there are uniform time displays throughout a hospital. Keeping track of vitals, medications, surgery times, etc. is done easily with a Sapling synchronized clock system in place.