Teachers and school administrators in the education system require exceptional organizational and time management skills in order to successfully operate a school. As for students, it is vital for their future that they learn the importance of punctuality at a young age. In order for them to learn fundamental organizational skills, it is crucial that the school in which they attend promotes a positive environment for time management.

An effective way to implement these elements is by installing a high quality synchronized time system. Synchronized clock systems do much more than simply display the accurate time. Below are additional benefits that a Sapling synchronized time system can do to transform a school to the next level.



Synchronize Bells with Class Changes or Countdown between Classes

Students know that when the bell rings, it’s either time for class to start or finish. Using a synchronized clock system gives you the added benefit of having the bells be completely in sync with the accurate time, ensuring that classes begin and end on time. Using Sapling’s digital clocks, you also have the optional feature of having the clocks countdown between classes, giving students an easy way to know how long they have before class begins.


Assists Students and Teachers

When every clock in every room is synchronized, students, teachers and staff all know where they’re supposed to be at exactly the right time. For teachers, this helps them properly coordinate their lesson plans and give students a suitable learning environment.


Assure Proper Supervision of Students

The safety of students is a top priority in schools of all sizes. When a school building lacks time synchronization, students may be let out for recess at the incorrect time, which could lead to unsupervised students.