Being able to have an easily accessible view of the time is important in any type of facility. Sapling offers a few different mounting options in order to accommodate all sorts of infrastructures, including surface, flush, flag mount and double mount options.

The double mount housing, which allows for a dual-faced time display, is ideal for hallway applications or larger facilities where seeing the time from multiple vantage points is necessary.

Depending on what type of clock(s) you have, you will need either double mount housing or a double mount pole. For example, if your application requires round analog clocks, you will need to purchase two single mount round analog clocks and one double mount housing, which can be mounted from the wall or ceiling.

If your application requires square analog clock(s) and/or digital clock(s), you will need to purchase the double mount pole. The standard length of the double mount pole is 13.7” (34.8 cm). Sapling also offers the option to purchase a shorter pole, which is 7.6” (19.3 cm) in length. Please note that the short pole can only be mounted from the ceiling.

Square Double mount.513
Sapling Analog Round Double Mount High 45 Angle View, D Dial, Standard Hands Large - H



Offers a doubled-sided time display for an enhanced view of the time


The Double Mount Round Analog Housing can accommodate Sapling’s 12” and 16” round analog clocks


The Double Mount Pole can accommodate the 9” or the 12” Square Clocks as well as the 2.5” or 4.0” Digital Clocks