There are numerous government offices and agencies located all around the world that make and carry out decisions that consistently affect our lives. Whether it’s at the local, state or federal level, government offices need to operate as efficiently as possible in order to complete the necessary tasks that keep society moving forward. Since government agencies are constantly operating under strict deadlines, the installation of a synchronized time system could provide a more organized and less stressful environment for employees.

Whether your agency is located in a multiple-building facility or a single office with many floors, a synchronized clock system is able to provide the exact same time to all clocks. With everyone operating on the same time, this will offer less chance of confusion and cause productivity to rise. Below are a few benefits that a Sapling synchronized time system can bring to a government agency.



Enhanced Efficiency

With all government officials and employees operating on the same time, making sure all deadlines are met will be completed in a much smoother manner. Out of a synchronized time system grows the ability to reduce confusion among employees as to what time it is and increases the chance of productivity and a higher quality of work.


Cost Effective

When you purchase a Sapling synchronized clock system, you are not only installing the most technologically-advanced time system, you are also receiving many additional benefits. When all of the clocks are displaying the exact same time, the chance of confusion and disorder appearing in your agency is significantly reduced. In the event of a power failure or Daylight Saving Time, no need to worry about changing all the clocks, the system will automatically update itself.


High Quality, Long-lasting Product

Government spending is constantly under a microscope, therefore it’s important for these agencies to purchase high quality, long-lasting products. All of Sapling’s clocks are built to last with ABS housing, a shatter-proof, side molded polycarbonate crystal and contain a durable polystyrene dial. Along with that, all of Sapling’s clocks are engineered and assembled in the United States at our headquarters in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. Our products not only provide valuable benefits for government organizations, but peace of mind as well.