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  • [ Elapsed Timer ]

    Sapling’s Elapsed Timer is a device that allows a user to shift the display on a digital clock from the time to a count up or countdown display. Connected to a Sapling digital clock (3200 or 3300 series only), this device can be utilized in a variety of settings where keeping track of the elapsed time is needed.

    Sapling’s Elapsed Timer is a Sapling 3200 or 3300 digital clock interfacing with an Elapsed Timer Control Panel, which enables a user to immediately change the display on the digital clock from showing time to showing a count up or a countdown. By pressing the programmable button(s) on the timer, a user can keep track of how much time has passed in any situation.

    Sapling 406 Countdown with 4 Button Elapsed Timer
    control panel countdown



    Designed for use with Sapling’s digital clocks (3200 or 3300 series only)


    Contains 4 programmable buttons with a variety of customizable options to meet your facility’s needs


    Ability to be programmed through Sapling’s easy-to-use software program

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