The Sapling Wireless Messaging Clock System consists of a Sapling Messaging Master Clock with a transmitter, a Sapling Master Input Box, and wirelessly synchronized clocks/message displays.

The master clock transmits the time data or the selected message to the clocks in a wireless manner, eliminating the need to run communication wires between the clocks. In addition, since the master clock generates the data being transmitted, the system does not rely on existing facility Wi-Fi or Bluetooth infrastructures.

Along with the standard functionality of a synchronized wireless clock—displaying uniform and accurate time throughout the facility—the system also has the ability to display up to 15 user-programmable messages. Longer messages will scroll across the display at a configurable speed.

The Sapling Master Input Box is designed to interface with any third-party system that can provide a contact closure such as an emergency switch, switchbox, fire alarm, security system, intercom system, and so on. Each input is dedicated to a specific message, which will be displayed upon being triggered. The messages are programmed into the clocks using software provided along with the system.

Each Sapling Wireless Messaging Clock has a built-in repeater, allowing each clock to receive and retransmit the time data or messages sent by the master clock. This unique feature extends the signal range far beyond the master clock’s transmitter and increases redundancy as data can take multiple paths to reach distant clocks. The system utilizes frequency-hopping technology, ensuring the highest level of reliability.

The Sapling Wireless Messaging Clock System is the perfect solution for organizations seeking a convenient method to quickly relay messages throughout a building.



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