A speaker baffle combo housing allows having a clock/speaker together as one unit. While the speaker is tied to the facility sound system (i.e. intercom, public address, tone generator, etc.), the synchronized clock may be offered based on different technologies, allowing flexibility for small or large projects.


The clock system may be controlled by a Master Clock (wired or wireless) or may work independently, taking accurate time data via the facility’s network and internet connection. This will all depend on the type of synchronized clock system technology. Sapling’s team of experts will be happy to recommend a solution based on the facility’s existing infrastructure and needs.


Sapling is an industry leader of engineering and manufacturing synchronized clock systems. Our expert team will be happy to consult and help you choose a synchronized clock system that will best fit the application’s needs.


Please feel free to contact us at: info@sapling-inc.com or call us at: +1-215-322-6063

Sapling 12 Inch Round Wooden Analog Clock With Rectangular Speaker Baffle - Vertical