At the beginning of any military career, one key value that an organization instills into all of its new recruits is the importance of being on time. There is no room for tardiness when a soldier needs to report to training, let alone a battlefield. Being on time isn’t a necessity that merely fades away over the course of a military career; it lasts throughout a soldier’s entire life. In order to assist military personnel and new recruits with the ability to be punctual, military bases throughout the world would benefit from the installation of a synchronized clock system.

A synchronized clock system provides the exact same time to all clocks within a system, whether it’s in a multiple-building facility or a single building with multiple floors. Needing to know the exact time on a military base begins first thing in the morning and lasts until lights out. Military personnel must wake up, report to their scheduled post, and complete particular training exercises as well as test new equipment within a certain span of time. If all of the clocks are not displaying uniform time, this could negatively impact those actions and even risk penalty to military personnel.




As mentioned earlier, being on time is not only crucial, but necessary in order to have a capable, strong, and enduring military. With the installation of a synchronized time system, there will be one less reason for any military personnel to arrive late to a training exercise, miss a morning brief, etc.



Since the main goal of any military is protecting a country’s borders, citizens want to know that those who are tasked with such an enormous job are capable of handling anything that is thrown their way. In order to be able to handle the unexpected, organization is one skill that any person in the military should possess. With a synchronized time system, you will always know the exact time that everyone in the facility is operating on, know where you are supposed to be at a particular time and be able to budget your time accordingly to fit in all necessary tasks.


Maximize Efficiency

While maximizing efficiency is important in all industries, this factor significantly increases in a military base where there is no room for wasted time. Within the confines of any base, being able to communicate with other military personnel around the world is a vital part of anyone’s day. Sapling recognizes this need and offers a zone clock which would greatly benefit military bases located around the world. Along with being able to automatically update for Daylight Saving Time, a zone clock has the ability to display the time in your current location as well as the time in other regions or countries around the world. The zone clock allows for more focus on the task at hand instead of questioning what time it is.