Here at Sapling, we want you to be fully informed about all of our clock systems and the different options available to you within each system. Below is a collection of white papers to assist you in choosing a synchronized clock system that best fits your needs.


K-12 Education

5 Financial Problems Solved with the Use of a Synchronized Clock System in Schools

Many facilities still don’t utilize synchronized clock systems, and for that reason, they may be paying extraneous fees. This white paper will discuss the benefits of utilizing a synchronized clock system in schools and the ways that it can save you money. Download it to find out the ways synchronized clock systems and Sapling can save your school money.


Higher Education

The Importance of Time Synchronization

With hundreds of instructional minutes required by state regulation in Higher Educational facilities, there is a need for accurate time sources easily accessible to students along with faculty. The Sapling Synchronized Time System is an advanced solution that allows facilities to move forward with a network or GPS based option, providing accurate time throughout campuses.



Why Hospitals Cannot Function Properly Without a Synchronized Clock System

Healthcare facilities, especially hospitals, rely heavily on exact time, whether for daily appointment scheduling or for life threatening Code Blue situations. There are multiple reasons why a hospital should be utilitzing time, including the costly threat of malpractice lawsuits. Download our white paper to learn why a clock system is essential in the hospital setting.



When is a Wireless Clock System Right for Your Facility?

Deciding which clock system technology to use can be a daunting task, especially with all the choices on the market today. Sapling provides a patented frequency-hopping technology which can save you money both in the short-term and long-term. Download this white paper and get educated on the most crucial technology to consider when thinking about adding a wireless clock system to your facility.



How IP Clocks Can Save Money and Energy Over the Life of Your System
Companies can occur many different types of expenses in the course of running a business. One expense that all companies run into is the rising cost of energy. In an effort to cut costs, Sapling’s IP clock system can help save energy over the life of your system. Download our White Paper to find out how.



Which Wired Clock System is Right for Your Facility?
Picking a wired sychronized clock system can be a confusing task for a facility manager. Each facility can require a different technology and Sapling has three technologies to choose from. Download our white paper for help in deciding which wired system technology is right for your project.