Employees of a correctional facility perform a wide variety of job functions that revolve around keeping those housed in these particular institutions secure. A few of the skills that a correctional facility employee should encompass include the ability to multi-task, manage time efficiently, and pay attention to detail. One product that to assist correctional facility employees in completing their necessary duties, as well as expanding on their current skill set, is a synchronized clock system. A synchronized clock system is able to provide all clocks in a facility with the exact same time, no matter how many buildings or floors an institution has. With the implementation of a synchronized clock system, every clock within a facility displays the exact same time to help avoid any potentially unwanted occurrences.




One feature that a synchronized clock system has that can greatly benefit a correctional facility is the system’s ability to connect with existing systems. A synchronized clock system can sync up with the facility’s PA system, which can signal both the residents and employees when it’s time for dinner, recreational activities, etc. Sapling’s Master Clock may interface with the controller of the automated cell doors, so that the doors close and open at the certain times such as breakfast or bedtime and will be completely in sync with the time shown on the synchronized clocks. Effective coordination of all activities in a correctional facility becomes an achievable goal when there is a synchronized clock system installed.


Accurate Recording

Whether it’s in regards to a prison, juvenile detention center or even rehabilitation facility, maximizing organization is crucial. In particular, recording the correct time on documents and databases in a correctional facility is essential to complying with legal procedures. When every clock displays a uniform time throughout a facility, there is never ambiguity in the times that are recorded, which helps eliminate the possibility of legal implications that can arise because of it.



Safety is possibly the most vital concern for those living and working in a correctional facility. There are a number of unpredictable situations that can occur with potentially harmful outcomes. Implementing a synchronized clock system in a correctional facility ensures that residents are under constant supervision by coordinating schedules to make sure employees are at their particular station at the correct time. Along with that, being able interface with a facility’s PA system allows a correctional facility to have more control in crisis scenarios. For instance, if a situation took place that called for immediate response, an administrator can use the PA system to alert all residents and employees to go to a particular area and remain there until a certain time. Since all secondary clocks are displaying the exact time, there will be little confusion and everyone will be let back out at the correct time. Also, digital clocks can perform messaging features such as “911” to alert all personnel of any serious situations. With Sapling, being in control of all facets of an organization is the most sufficient way of maintaining safety and a synchronized clock system can help contribute to that goal.


Countdown Capabilities

Along with offering synchronized time throughout a facility, another unique feature that Sapling offers is elapsed time, which is only available with the installation of digital clocks. This feature gives digital clocks within a system the ability to display a prescheduled or real-time countdown, depending on the type of clock system. For correctional facilities that implement a digital clock system, this feature can prove to be very useful for making sure that inmates are back to their rooms on time after a break or a meal, when specific programs end and when it’s time for the inmates to go to sleep. This feature not only benefits the employees of a correctional facility, it also benefits the residents of these particular institutions.

In order for a correctional facility to be as organized as possible, time management skills must be optimized and employee efficiency needs to be at an all-time high. Installing a synchronized clock system can help with those skills, as well as assist with transforming the personnel into an efficient staff, coordinating all correctional facility operations and inmate activities, as well as increase the level of safety throughout the entire vicinity for both employees and inmates.

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