Today, companies have the ability to conduct business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to stay on top of every deadline, be on time for client meetings and ensure your product or service is delivered on time, the implementation of a synchronized clock system is an important fixture to help your company achieve its goals.

Whether your organization is located in a multiple-building facility or a single building with multiple floors, a synchronized clock system provides the exact same time to all clocks. Along with possessing the most accurate time possible, a Sapling synchronized time system includes many features which will help your organization stand out among the rest.



Assist Employees in Managing Their Day

When an organization decides to install a synchronized clock system, all departments will be operating on the same time. With accurate time displaying in every office, conference room, break room etc., employees will have a necessary tool in order to help them plan out their day. Your employees will know exactly how much time they have to wrap up a project, schedule a meeting with clients or coworkers and even schedule additional time for unexpected interruptions.


Coordinate Systems Within Your Office

Within your facility, you may have multiple systems that help your employees conduct business throughout the day. When you install a synchronized time system in your facility, you have the ability to coordinate your time & attendance management system, Voice over IP phones and even your PA system. Along with providing the exact same time throughout your facility, a Sapling synchronized clock system can synchronize many systems throughout your building.


Zone Clock Capabilities

Today, companies can conduct business and collaborate with organizations and customers all around the globe. Along with providing reliable time keeping systems, Sapling also offers a zone clock, which displays the time in your current location as well as the time in other regions or countries around the world. This feature lets your employees know when companies are conducting business in different time zones throughout the world. Besides showing the time domestically and internationally, the zone clock can also display the time in your company’s satellite offices located in different parts of the country or world.