Time management is a vital aspect for any student on a college or university campus to possess. Besides attending and preparing for classes, students could be involved in any number of extracurricular activities that include sports, clubs and establishing a network of friends. A common issue for college students is juggling classes, activities, friends and maintaining good grades. One way to start the semester off right is by implementing synchronized clocks in every building on campus.

Synchronized time not only helps students, it also helps the college or university as a whole. When students have less of an opportunity to succeed, a school’s reputation can be negatively affected. Installing a synchronized time system throughout campus is the best way to avoid such problems from occurring. When students have complete time awareness in all areas of a university they can better manage their time and have a better opportunity for success.



Increase Efficient and Productivity

When there is time synchronization throughout a university’s campus, everyone has an advantage. By providing uniform time displays throughout campus, efficiency is optimized for students, professors and staff. Since there is no deviation between the time, professors know exactly when class begins.

Since many students enter the workforce after their time in college, being punctual on a consistent basis makes it more likely that they too will be punctual in the real world, which is a very important quality employers are looking for.


Avoid Unnecessary Maintenance Fees

A major goal of any college or university is to be fiscally responsible.

By installing a synchronized clock system or upgrading your current system, there is no need for maintenance to worry about checking all the clocks for the correct time, changing the clocks for Daylight Saving Time or adjusting the time after a power outage.

This frees up maintenance staff members for any other issues that may arise on campus.


Eliminate Wasteful Energy Consumption

On many college and university campuses, there are certain buildings that require the power to be on at all times, such the library or tech center.

On the other hand, there are also many buildings that are completely vacant after a certain time, such as classrooms or dining halls. In this case, it doesn’t make sense to have the clocks displaying the time in an empty building. At Sapling, we want your institution to have a system that can display the most accurate time possible while saving on energy costs.