In any sized company, logistics plays a vital role in business regardless of the industry. Organizations need to be able to ship and receive goods in order to satisfy customers and to stay afloat. One main component that logistics companies must seriously take into account is time. While it seems like a simple thing, timing and logistics work hand-in-hand in helping many organizations achieve success. In order to build and maintain relationships with customers, it is important that a logistics company fulfills its duties on time and with the upmost efficiency. Whether the delivery is business related or for personal reasons, being on time is the key to building long-lasting relationships with customers.



Uniform and Accurate Time

Delivering a customer’s items on time, transporting product to a particular destination and making sure a company’s goods are ready for pick up are just a few tasks that a logistics company performs on a daily basis. Implementing a synchronized time system in a logistics facility can help ensure prompt service as well as building long-term relationships with customers. The main benefit that comes with the installation of a synchronized clock system is that all employees are operating on the same time. This can help assure that all customer requests are met on or before deadline. Along with that, Sapling’s synchronized time systems automatically update when Daylight Saving Time or a sudden power outage occurs.


Zone Clock Capabilities

It’s common for a logistics company to conduct business in different countries as well as in different time zones. Sapling offers a zone clock, which displays the time in a facility’s current location as well as the time in different countries or regions around the world. In order to manage deliveries and pickups that occur in multiple time zones, the installation of a zone clock will greatly enhance the planning and organization of these tasks. Implementing a time zone clock allows the logistics company to plan when a package will arrive at its destination and/or has to be picked up at a particular facility in order to assure that the delivery time is met. A zone clock offers complete time awareness in all regions where business is being conducted in order to stay on schedule.


Decrease Maintenance Time

The implementation of a Sapling Synchronized Time System has the ability to decrease the time spent adjusting the clocks and allows employees to focus on building a successful company. With Sapling Systems, there is no need for regular maintenance and the clocks automatically update for Daylight Saving Time or after a sudden power outage. Sapling offers a built-in web interface with its SMA Series Master Clocks that gives a facility manager the ability to easily configure the settings of the master clock. Along with this feature, a Sapling Synchronized Clock System provides the ability to program the system to turn on/off lights, schedule the heating or air conditioning systems to turn on or off at predetermined times and control many additional devices throughout a facility. Rather than sending an employee out to adjust every clock throughout a facility and manually turn other systems on and off, managers and employees can focus on completing necessary tasks.