The main goal of theaters and cinemas is to provide its customers a unique form of entertainment, as well as a place to escape reality for a few hours. Cinemas generally showcase the latest films or documentaries on screen, while theaters use live performers in order to present a play or musical in front of an audience.

There are many people involved with the successful operation of a theater and/or cinema. In order to help these organizations run as smoothly as possible, the installation of a synchronized time system could provide the following benefits to audience members, performers and staff.



Staying on Schedule

Cinemas generally show a large amount of movies at varying times and typically have many theaters within one facility. With the implementation of a synchronized time system, staff members will all be operating on the exact same time. This can help the staff have particular theatres prepared for audience members and movies ready to begin at the approximate time. As for a theater, a synchronized time system can help the actors and stagehands all report to their particular stations in order for the performance to begin and end on schedule. If everyone in a theater or cinema is operating on the same time, the next movie, play, or musical can begin on time, which can help prevent delay for the subsequent showings or performances.


Time Awareness for Audience Members

Not only can a synchronized time system assist staff members and performers, it can also help audience members arrive at a specific theater before a movie or performance begins. With accurate time being displayed throughout a cinema or theatre, audience members will know exactly how much time they have before the show starts. A synchronized clock system will benefit customers who are running late to a show, those who may be purchasing items at a snack bar, or people gathering in the lobby before a performance begins.


Lower Maintenance Time and Costs

There are many variables to take into account when operating a theatre or a cinema. With the installation of a Sapling Synchronized Clock System, there is no need to worry about updating the clocks when Daylight Saving Time or a sudden power outage takes place. Sapling Clocks have the ability to automatically update to the correct time when a change or power outage occurs.