When it comes to public works facilities, electrical power plants have the most pronounced need for maximum operational efficiency. The demand to keep thousands of people with power while simultaneously operating a massive power plant is a large challenge. In order to do this, it’s important that the power plant has accurate timekeeping to ensure all facets of the plant run as seamless as possible.

The large number of employees that are required to keep a power plant operational makes timekeeping of the utmost importance. Since employees at power plants typically work in shifts, accurate time keeping and scheduling is essential to keep everyone on the same page. Additionally, in order to maintain stable electricity running to thousands of homes, business, and commercial buildings, a synchronized clock system can synchronize AC cycles for generators. With the addition of a synchronized clock system in the power plant, many of these stresses will be kept in check.



Shift Changes Occur Seamlessly

With a synchronized clock system in place, employees will know when shift changes start and end, as well as when breaks occur. This will ensure that every employee in the power plant is on the same time schedule and are precisely notified of shift changes.


Synchronization of AC Cycles on Generators

In order to provide constant and reliable electricity to all customers, the synchronization of the AC frequency cycles on the generator must be precise. Implementing a synchronized clock system to act as an accurate time reference will allow the generators’ cycles to be accurately synced.


Lower Maintenance Cost and Time

With the implementation of a Sapling Synchronized Clock System in a power plant, there is no need to worry about constantly performing maintenance on clocks when occasions like Daylight Saving Time occur. Sapling Clocks have the ability to automatically update the time when a change occurs. This feature allows a power plant to focus on the task at hand rather than having to constantly conduct maintenance on the clock system.