In Mental & Healthcare facilities, a Synchronized Clock System is very important as it serves as the facility’s official time source in order to accurately document medical event times, dispense medication, time medical procedures, and keep patients conscious of time. A Synchronized Clock System will automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time (DST); therefore, there is no need to send maintenance personnel twice a year to adjust all the clocks in the facility.

In mental health facilities and psychiatric hospitals, additional considerations are taken to minimize the risk to patients who may attempt to harm themselves or others using objects in the facility. As such, special attention is given to items placed in high-risk areas.

Sapling offers synchronized clocks with an anti-ligature design for mental health facilities and psychiatric hospitals with high-risk areas.

Sapling 12 Inch Analog Clock in a Flush Mounted Enclosure with a Polycarbonate Anti-Ligature Frame Design, Front View