The main goal of any organization in the hospitality industry is to satisfy their guests in order to receive repeat business and gain positive customer reviews. Whether it is providing activities for guests to attend, administering wake up calls, making sure rooms are ready by check-in time, etc. All of these tasks and more can be improved upon with the installation of a synchronized clock system and could provide additional comfort to guests and staff.



Enhance a Guest’s Experience

Whether a guest is staying at a particular hotel or resort for business or pleasure, giving them the best experience possible is necessary in order to secure a return visit. A Sapling synchronized clock system displays the most accurate time on all clocks throughout a facility. This system can help guests arrive on time for any activities they may want to participate in, such as tours of the area, meeting friends for dinner, attending a show, etc. Synchronized time can also assist guests when it’s time to leave the hotel. Many hotels and resorts have a certain time during the day that guests must check out by. In some cases, when a guest checks out after that designated time, they are charged a fee. If all clocks in the hotel are synchronized, there is less chance that a guest will be late when checkout time arrives.


Improve Customer Service

When there is cohesion among employees in regards to the time, there is a higher chance that they will be at their station at the appropriate time. With the installation of a synchronized clock system the overall experience becomes more convenient and enjoyable when the resort’s staff is more organized in the workplace.


Zone Clock Capabilities

Sapling’s zone clocks are especially useful for those traveling for business purposes. When people travel overseas or into a different time zone, having a zone clock installed in the hotel lobby and/or conference rooms can help tremendously with time management. Having the time displays of multiple countries or regions in a hotel lobby or conference rooms can help professionals stay on top of their work during business trips, which is both great for the reputation of the hotel as well as for the business man or woman. Using a zone clock system is also beneficial when holding conferences and conducting calls with international clients. When you’re aware of the time your client is operating under, you can act accordingly, which is important for maintaining business relations.