All Sapling Master Clocks receive time from an NTP server as standard. Some master clock models are offered with the optional GPS Receiver, which allows the master clock to receive the time from a GPS satellite.

With this option, a GPS antenna and cable are provided in order to relay the time to the master clock. The GPS antenna should be placed in an area with a clear view of the sky, ideally on the roof of a facility, and is hard wired to the master clock with a GPS Cable.

Since the GPS antenna is placed outside of a facility, there is the potential for lightning strikes to damage the master clock. In order to help protect the master clock, Sapling offers a GPS Surge Protector/Arrestor. The GPS Surge Protector/Arrestor safely redirects the harmful electricity into the ground and away from the master clock.




Works in conjunction with all Sapling Master Clock models with a GPS Receiver


Easy to install in between the GPS Antenna/Cable


Protects the Master Clock from potential damage caused by lightning strikes and ESD (electro-static discharge)