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In sync with technology. In sync with the marketplace. In sync with you!

Sapling Inc. has been a pioneer in synchronized timekeeping systems for more than two decades. As an organization, we strive towards innovation and reliability. Sapling clocks can be found in schools, hospitals and industries throughout the country and all over the world. We feature a complete line of analog and digital clock products for systems such as Wired, IP-PoE, Wi-Fi, TalkBack and our most popular innovation, the synchronized Wireless clock system which, is based upon our patented frequency-hopping technology that has transformed the industry.

Our mission is to supply quality products backed by state-of-the-art technology and first-rate technical support. All of our clocks are designed and produced in the United States at our headquarters in Warminster, Pennsylvania. With over a hundred dealers worldwide, wherever you are, Sapling’s extensive network can offer you local assistance and installation.

We appreciate you taking the time to look at our website and learn more about Sapling and our products. Our knowledgeable sales and technical teams are always happy to answer any and all questions. If needed, we are happy to visit your place of business to explain how our technology leadership provides a better value and unsurpassed reliability. At Sapling, we value our customers and their satisfaction above all else!

For more information about Sapling and our products, please don’t hesitate contact us!