Banks as well as other financial institutions, such as brokerage firms, mutual fund companies and the global stock markets are key aspects to the stability of the global economy. These types of organizations play a large role in many people’s financial present and future. Since such a great weight rests on these institutions, it is important that they operate with the highest efficiency possible. In order to achieve that, banking and other financial institutions benefit from implementing a synchronized clock system.



Employee Time Awareness

With such tasks as trading stocks, managing mutual funds and assisting clients with making monetary decisions, it’s important that employees within a financial organization manage their time with the utmost efficiency. With the installation of a synchronized time system, all employees will be operating on the exact same time. With complete time awareness, employees will know how much time they have to wire money to a bank across the country, trade stocks for a client or attend a conference call or meeting.


Displaying the Most Accurate Time

In the financial industry, things move at a rapid pace and could change at a moment’s notice. Because of this, it’s imperative to have an accurate and reliable clock system within a facility. A Sapling Clock System not only provides the most accurate time, it also has the capability of automatically updating to the correct time when Daylight Saving Time or power outage occurs. This saves an organization time and money updating each clock in a facility and also provides reassurance that the clocks are displaying the accurate time all the time.


Zone Clock Capabilities

Since stock markets, banks and other financial institutions are located all over the world, it can become necessary to communicate with a satellite office, various banks and other financial organizations that operate in different time zones. In order to communicate effectively with these global institutions, Sapling offers a zone clock which displays the time in your current location as well as the time in other regions or countries. Implementing this feature in an organization will allow all employees to know when a particular country’s stock market opens, when a bank is open for business and when a company’s satellite office has begun its workday.