Courtrooms can be a busy atmosphere with multiple trials occurring daily. In courtrooms, there are a variety of different people responsible for different tasks. A few of the key players inside a courtroom include lawyers and legal counsel, the defendant, the plaintiff, a court reporter and a judge. One thing that they all have in common is being on time and keeping their day running efficiently. Since court schedules have a tendency to fill up quickly, it’s important to keep daily activities on track. An effective way to do that is by implementing a synchronized clock system throughout the courthouse.



Assist with Accurate Record Keeping

Keeping detailed records of the court proceedings is absolutely vital when a trial is in session. In order to avoid a future discrepancy, one important aspect inside every courtroom is to record exactly what lawyers, witnesses, and all others inside a courtroom say. If a dispute ever arises about what is said, the court reporter can reference her transcript. Installing a synchronized clock system can assist a court reporter, as well as others inside the courthouse, in recording the proceedings with the accurate time


Staying on Schedule

In order to complete the necessary amount of proceedings on the docket, judges must keep to a strict schedule. Failure to do so could potentially lead to cases taking longer than expected, which would lead to a backup within the courthouse. With a Sapling Synchronized Clock System, court employees will always know the time and exactly how much of it they have to complete a given task. There will be no discrepancy about what time a court session or trial is supposed to begin or when the next case is supposed to begin.


Lower Maintenance Time and Costs

Daylight Saving Time and sudden power outages are just two reasons as to why a clock’s time would need to be adjusted. Because a court’s schedule is usually very busy, there is very little time to update every clock within an entire courthouse. Besides displaying the most accurate time possible, a Sapling Synchronized Clock System can automatically update when Daylight Saving Time occurs as well as reset if a power outage occurs. In addition, a synchronized clock system’s master clock, depending on the model, possesses the capability to turn on or off a courtroom’s lights, heating, air conditioning and other equipment. The money and time that is saved from maintenance gives administrators the ability to spend their time on more significant issues inside a courtroom.

A Sapling Synchronized Clock System has the ability to optimize the quality and efficiency of any courthouse. Legal professionals have a lot of things on their plate; time should not serve as an issue. A synchronized clock system has all the tools to make sure that the courtroom is properly maintained and proper consideration to each case is given at all times.