Wireless Clock Systems – Education Saviors

There is a general consensus that being a doctor, lawyer, or anything that first requires obtaining such a high degree is most likely a difficult job, but many people do not realize the grueling demands of working in the education industry. Teachers and school administrators face constant pressures on a daily basis. Keeping a budget balanced, watching over 100+ students, working in a school is not an easy task by any means. In fact, due to such a high turnover rate for teachers, many school districts are now requiring that teachers receive a masters degree before working full-time. One thing is for sure, organizational skills are an absolute must when working in such a fast-paced industry.

Unfortunately, many teachers start their careers with a handicap depending on the type of school they work in. Many school districts do not implement a wireless clock system through their schools. This can lead to a multitude of problematic scenarios. In elementary and early childhood education, teachers are virtually the guardians of many children. They have no room for error that can be caused by an inadequate clock system. For instance, if a teacher looks at his or her clock and the time being displayed permits the teacher to let the kids out for recess, a teacher normally allows them to run freely and have fun. This can be an issue if other clocks in the building do not display the same time, namely the time that the recess aids are looking at. Although this may not result in negative outcomes more-times-than-not, the chance is not worth taking. In this industry, one does not have too many chances to redeem him or herself for being negligent. Unfortunately, the negligence could have been avoided had there been synchronization among the clocks in the school.

School administrators also face an uphill battle when working in schools that lack uniformity among clocks in the facility. For instance, if an administrator is reading a time that may be anywhere from 0-10 minutes off from another administrator’s clock, trouble can be expected. This can lead to miscommunication, which can put tight deadlines in great risk of not being met. This not only makes the employees look bad, it makes the entire school district as a whole look poorly managed.

Sapling’s wireless clock system from a reputable manufacturer is the most potent solution for these problems. The wireless component of this system increases the likelihood that there will be accurate and uniform time displays. The cost of wiring is also something that becomes a nonissue when a wireless clock system is implemented. Lastly, some executives may be hesitant to spend the extra money to purchase a clock system from a highly regarded company. Some people feel that a “fiscally responsible” clock system might be the better option. What these individuals lack the knowledge of is that lower-priced clock systems frequently have a reason from being lower-priced. Maintenance fees are usually a monthly occurrence that comes with these systems and tend to add up to unacceptable levels. The extra money spent on a quality clock system eliminates unnecessary maintenance fees and ends up saving money in the long-run.

These are only a few reasons why Sapling’s wireless clock system is an absolute must for all school districts. Many education executives don’t put two-in-two together and suffer the unwanted consequences. In today’s economy, education is one of the industries being hit the hardest. There is absolutely no room for error. A quality synchronized wireless clock system is the best bet to avoid any unwanted circumstances to occur in the education industry.