The Matters of March: St. Patrick’s Day

Heritage is the word given to associate the strong bond between people and the culture of their forefathers. Everyone has origins in certain lands. Whether you have lived somewhere your entire life or a distant relative took a life changing journey to a distant and different land, we all trace our roots, the beginnings of our family, to a certain time and place. To be able to tie yourself with a culture and the traditions, customs and ways of living to a particular group is a huge source of pride for many people.

This month, one of the most notable and renowned holidays associated with a heritage will be celebrated: St. Patrick’s Day. This Sunday, March 17th is the day where people of Irish descent (and those who jump onto the bandwagon just for the day) rejoice with pride in their heritage. They gather together, dress up in the color green and enjoy multiple amounts of festive food and beverages.

It is a tradition of many cities around the United States, they maintain a tradition of holding a St. Patrick’s Day parade through their town, with floats, Irish dancers and music all to enhance the celebration. Much organization is needed to pull these large functions, and nothing produces efficiency more than a Sapling wireless clock system. It’s not just the ‘luck of the Irish’, it is proven to increase efficiency in any facility and/or organization.

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Moreover, your St. Patrick’s Day parade will be able to run on time with an Elapsed Timer, which is a device that can change the display on a digital clock from the time to a count up or countdown display. The countdown button will help event organizers keep track of the event, making sure each routine runs in their properly allotted time. It will also benefit the broadcast industry for those larger scale parades that are broadcasted on television.

Just as you celebrate your heritage, you should celebrate your daily operations with the best operational tools possible, including a Sapling wireless clock system!