The Matters of March: March Madness

Time to pull out your brackets because it’s about time for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship aka March Madness! For three weeks, the collegiate basketball tournament captures the pulse of the nation and the thrilling action is unparalleled in many other sporting events throughout the year.

The entire event spans over three weeks in numerous cities with 68 teams involved. So much needs to be prepped at an event of this size, for example the game schedule, the time the players on the court, etc. No matter what aspect is being arranged, all parties involved can benefit from the installation of a wireless clock system.

Listed below are a few aspects of how a wireless clock system can benefit the players and fans of March Madness:

At the Arena – With hundreds of systems operating throughout the stadium, such as lighting, sound and television cables, having an essential time-keeping system operating reliably is extremely important. Don’t worry about the clock system interfering with other wireless products; Sapling’s wireless clock system has been engineered with our patented Frequency-Hopping Technology. This technology allows each clock to frequency hop the transmission of the time signal, enabling each clock to receive and display the correct time, even if there is interference on any of the frequencies.

Same Exact Time Throughout a Facility– With so many games going on at many different times during a given day, it’s important that the players, coaches and even the fans know the exact time no matter what part of the arena they are in. Each clock within our wireless system displays the exact same time, no matter what clock you happen to look at.

Enhance Television Broadcasts – Much preparation is involved in putting together a live broadcast. With an unpredictable game unfolding before your eyes and so much ongoing behind the scenes, it can become difficult to keep a broadcast organized. With the installation of a wireless clock system, employees will be in sync back at the studio. Time can be set aside for additional production that needs to be done to allow for a proper broadcast including production meetings. For effective broadcasts, substantial planning prior to live air can ensure a smooth broadcast that’s engaging to the audience.

No matter what the outcome of the tournament, wireless clock systems always produce a consistent winner in the operations of your industry!

Here’s the best to your alma mater, your bracket and enjoy some great athletic achievements!