The Matters of March: 1st day of Spring

Finally, we can see the sunlight at the end of the tunnel! Through the frigid winter, our only warmth was the love and joy of celebrating the holiday season with our friends and family. In regards to winter storms, it seems that this winter was full of promise and disappointment, with more threats then actual inches of snow. But finally, it seems Punxsutawney Phil’s prophecy will be fulfilled: next Wednesday, March 20, 2013 will be the first day of spring!

The season of spring is filled with many things that bring us happiness and hope. The joy of seeing your favorite baseball team in the warm southern sun brings anticipation of their return home and the national past time paving the way for summer. The snow begins to melt, trees begin to bloom and flowers blossom, bringing beauty to the world. Outdoor activities are organized, allowing us to experience the fresh air. These are just a few of the reasons to enjoy the coming of spring.

With so much to celebrate and appreciate in the coming weeks, there is no need for any excess worry and no need to lose track of time. Why not eliminate these two problems with one solution by installing Sapling’s wireless clock systems. Similarly to the way spring brings optimism to our lives, as does Sapling’s wireless clock system’s ability to bring confidence and efficiency to our daily business operations.

Within Sapling’s wireless clock system, there are many parts that collectively operate which allow the each clock within the system to display the most accurate time possible. Sapling’s wireless clock system includes a master clock and many secondary clocks, all working together to provide accurate time within any given facility.

The master clock is the head of the operation, sending out the time signal for the clocks to receive. Sapling’s master clock, which can receive time from an (S)NTP server or a GPS satellite, sends out the time and can be programmed to ring bells in a school, turn on/off lights throughout an office, etc.

Part of the Sapling’s wireless clock system advantage is that each clock acts as a transceiver. This means that the clocks can receive and retransmit the time signal to neighboring clocks, thus maximizing the strength and distances of the signal. The secondary clocks act as the transceiver, receiving and sending the signal to each other, making the signal stronger and ensuring that each clock is displaying the correct time.

Relish the coming of spring! Don’t feel the aggravation to ‘spring forward’ your own clocks or be on schedule! This is the time of year to go outside and lose track of time. Let us keep it for you!