Sapling’s Wireless Clock System – Teamwork at Its Finest

As the old saying goes, ‘There is no I in TEAM!’ Although there is an ‘I’ in the phrase Wireless Clock System, do not let that fool you because this clock system is a terrific example of the meaning of teamwork. They show that when a team works together for a common purpose, much more can be accomplished by the collective then an individual. Just like any well coached sports team or a successful business, the universal power of collectively working towards a common goal is a powerful force to be a part of.

Within Sapling’s Wireless Clock System, there are many parts that collectively operate which allow the each clock within the system to display the most accurate time possible. Sapling’s Wireless Clock System includes a master clock and many secondary clocks, which can be analog or digital in style, all working together to provide accurate time within any given facility.

In this scenario, the master clock is similar to the manager in the office or a coach on the field; this device is the head of the operation, sending out the time signal for the clocks to receive. Sapling’s master clock, which can receive time from an (S)NTP server or a GPS satellite, sends out the time and can be programmed to ring bells in a school, turn on/off lights throughout an office, among many other things. As for the secondary clocks, they act as the players on the field or the employees of a particular department. While the secondary clocks are receiving the time from the master clock, they have the ability to take that time signal and pass it along to neighboring clocks, maximizing the strength and distances the signal can be transmitted. This is one of many reasons why Sapling’s Wireless Clock System stands out among the competition.

We here at Sapling strive to work like our clock systems – efficient, collaborative and strive for excellence through the shared efforts and high standards of every department in the company. Sapling uses teamwork to create teamwork. Contact us today to see how our team can benefit yours!