Sapling Lends Some Helping Hands

One of the most vital instruments on our bodies are our hands. An unlimited amount can be translated through the use of our hands; we can show our fortitude and confidence through a handshake with a business associate, create a piece of art, decorate a house, build a foundation of a home or a relationship, or write out a romantic note revealing your care and love for that special person in your life.

With so much being able to be exhibited through the use of our hands, much care must be paid to them. We feel the same way here at Sapling. Our analog clocks have the hands that help communicate the synchronized time to anyone who lays their eyes upon our clocks. The hands on the Sapling analog clocks are constructed out of aluminum which is lightweight, but extremely sturdy. Sapling provides a standard hand, as well as three different specialty hands. (Contact a Sapling representative for more information about our specialty hands and even dials).

A way to specify whether you want to select standard hands or one of the specialty hands is an action that is unique to us here at Sapling, our comprehensive and innovative Configuration Station. Sapling’s Configuration Station makes the process more fluid. It’s easy to follow steps will guide you through all the necessary steps when building a synchronized clock system for your facility. Whether that be a school, hospital or a corporate office building, Sapling’s Configuration Station will help you design the clock system that best suits your facility’s needs.

High quality is the standard at Sapling, whether it is the products purchase, the clock systems made or the people that make this place so special. We pride ourselves in our work every day and would love to help benefit your company or organization as well, so please do not hesitate to contact us!