Productivity Across any Time Zone

In regards to communications, the world in which we live gets smaller day by day. It started with Alexander Graham Bell’s creation of the telephone, and today we have advanced the continuation of that creation up to the point where we now have the Internet, iPhones, and email that make worldwide communication instantaneous!

All of these technologies have vastly altered the way people communicate with each other and the way organizations conduct business. Whether you are representing yourself or a business, the ability to quickly and effectively get your message out to society is of vast importance. Continuously, the knowledge of customs and practices of other country’s cultures is valuable when exchanging words with others.

Proper communication can make or break any business. In particular, transportation, hospitality, military bases, and business complexes are some examples of different industries where communication across many time zones is mandated in order to achieve success. Global industries are continuously growing within many companies, helping improve each other through their work. Being able to know the time where the person you are trying to communicate with is one of the basic necessities in order to connect with others around the world. One common instrument that will be able to tell time across many time zones is a zone clock.

Sapling’s zone clock is a device that can display the time in the zone you are in as well as many other zones, all over the world. In a customizable system, you are able to take two or more clocks that represent different time zones throughout the globe. For example, if you are an organization that conducts business globally, located on the East Coast, and arrives to the office at 9 am, it would be helpful to know that customers or business partners located in the Pacific Time Zone are 3 hours behind you.

Sapling zone clock systems are flexible enough that they offer either digital or analog clocks that can be programmed to any time zone desired. Furthermore, automatic Daylight Saving Time correction can be achieved throughout the year regardless of the time zone and can come in digital 4 digit, 6 digit, or analog style clocks.

Sapling zone clocks are versatile tools that can be implemented into any global company and instantly improve reliability, stability and global communication skills not matter what part of the world you are in.