Never Run ‘Out of Time for Matt Damon’ with a Sapling Clock System

Every night “Live From Hollywood, It’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The late night talk show airs nightly on ABC with the host/comedian, Jimmy Kimmel, amusing his audience with his hilarious anecdotes relating to current events and comedic segments. Kimmel also interviews the stars of music, film, television, fashion and entertainment today.

One of the high points of the show has been Kimmel’s relationship with movie star Matt Damon. At the end of one particular episode, Kimmel finishes up each show by saying, “Our apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time.” This has become a running joke on the show, instigating many interactions with Damon, including many sketch videos that have gone viral.

We here at Sapling will are offering a solution to Kimmel’s time issue: install a wireless clock system throughout the ABC studio to help the show’s crew fit in all celebrity guests!

So much behind the scenes preparation is involved in broadcasting a TV show; it can become difficult to keep a broadcast organized. With a Sapling wireless clock system, employees will be able to see the same time throughout the studio and it can assist them in planning their day, meeting deadlines, etc. Time can be set aside for additional production that needs to be done to allow for a proper broadcast including production meetings, script writings and travel to remote locations to enhance the broadcast. For effective broadcasts, substantial planning prior to hitting the air can ensure a smooth broadcast that’s engaging to the audience.

Additionally, further scheduling of the advertisements and commercials throughout the show is also important because that is a vital source of revenue. With a Sapling wireless clock system, producers will know when to cut to commercial, the length of commercial breaks and when the broadcast is nearing an end.

We have seen Matt Damon star as Jason Bourne in the Bourne film series and we wouldn’t want to mess with him; so Jimmy Kimmel, why don’t you build back up some ‘Good Will (Hunting)’ with Matt Damon and install a Sapling wireless clock system to help create some time for him on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’