How a Sapling Clock System Could’ve Helped Jack Bauer

Everyone needs a hero in their lives, whether it’s a fictional or non-fictional persona, it’s someone you can depend on in times of trouble and even potential peril. Your hero can be someone who picks you up after your car breaks down or saves the world against evil using nonhuman powers to fly and laugh in the face of danger.

One ‘hero’ that has earned admirers for saving the United States on more than one occasion, is Jack Bauer, from the Fox show ’24.’ In the program, Jack, played by famed actor Keifer Sutherland, is an agent for the fictional governmental agency CTU, Counter Terrorist Unit, and their combined efforts aim to protect America from various terrorism plots. Each season occurs over a 24 hour period of time and reflects Bauer’s efforts to save the President, the country and its citizens. He is constantly thrown into difficult situations that challenge his sense of responsibility to both personal and greater good.

With great power comes great responsibility, and with so much depending on Bauer’s efforts in only 24 hours, Sapling would like to offer him some products that could have helped him in his efforts to save the world!

Zone Clock – With a Sapling zone clock, not only would Jack be able to see the time in his current location, but also the time of the location of the President and enemies who are planning his destruction. With this knowledge, Agent Bauer would have been better be able to communicate with the appropriate people and gain a sense of the opponents’ timing of their destructive strategy in effort to foil their plans.

Elapsed Timer – Time is easy to mismanage when saving the country. With a Sapling Elapsed Timer (in conjunction with a digital clock), Jack can easily keep track of how much time is left to complete the mission at hand with the countdown or count up feature. Bauer could have also dimmed the brightness level to LOW or OFF on the digital clock to avoid being found.

These are just two of the ways Sapling could have helps Jack Bauer. To find out more on how Sapling could have helped Jack Bauer, head over to our contact page and drop us a note.