Going Green with Sapling

With such a powerful growing initiative as the Green movement, and all the pageantry and effort that comes with it, it is sometimes very simple to overlook it the more as it becomes a common theme in our culture. Many people become consumed by the cause and take all the necessary steps to live a more sustainable and conservationist lifestyle. The more individuals that can jump on board with this lifestyle is good, but sizable corporations and small businesses alike can have an even greater impact with Green applications/equipment in their corporate or office building.

Sapling, which engineers and manufacturers all of our products at our corporate headquarters in Huntingdon Valley, PA, offers a few time keeping options that can help your business procure a greener lifestyle. For example, our wireless analog clocks can be powered by two D-cell alkaline batteries that can last up to 8 years. There is no need to worry about the clocks constantly draining batteries or constantly pulling power from another source. Along with that, Sapling’s wireless analog clocks offer an easy to install and cost effective solution for any type of facility.

Sapling offers another synchronized clock system that fits in with the Green movement: the digital IP clock system. This system allows a user to update the digital clocks in the system via a web interface. Along with updating various clock settings, a user can establish a Brightness Schedule for all the clocks within the system. By setting up a Brightness Schedule, an user can choose the day(s) and time to set alternate brightness levels the clock will display (High, Medium, Low and Off). For example, a school building primarily operates between 7 am and 5 pm. The clock system within that school can be set for the clocks to dim t a lower setting or completely off after hours, thus conserving energy and money.

These are just two examples of how purchasing a Sapling synchronized clock system can assist your facility to go green. A goal we should all take into consideration is to leave the world in a better place than in which we came into it, and going green with Sapling, will only help benefit the future.