FAQ Friday

Synchronized clock systems are a significant investment for many organizations. Because this could be a substantial cost, it is important that proper due diligence is conducted before committing. Although it is still recommended that a customer speak with a more knowledgeable sales rep, The Sapling Company has picked out a few common questions from clients that can hopefully help ease a typical prospective buyer’s confusion.

Are Sapling Clock Systems Difficult To Install?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions from Sapling’s prospective customers. There’s always a level of hesitation involved when purchasing a clock system. Many believe that their building or office may not meet the “technological requirements” for implementing such an advanced product such as a synchronized clock system. The answer to this question is no, installing a clock system is not difficult in the least bit. All of Sapling’s clock systems are designed with the installing technician in mind. This company does everything in its power to make its systems easy for anyone to install. For example, when you install a Sapling wireless system, all you have to do is pop in a battery in the secondary clock and hang it on a wall. With hardly any effort, an entire building can enjoy the benefits of a synchronized clock system.

Why Do I Need A Synchronized Clock System?

Some decision making executives simply lack the time or resources to do research and figure out how installing a synchronized clock system can benefit improve the quality of an organization. There really isn’t one way to answer this. Synchronized clock systems help an organization in so many different ways. A simply answer would be that synchronized time keeps company operations running smoothly, which diminishes the need for unnecessary spending for maintenance. Also, with Sapling’s synchronized clocks, one will never have to worry about readjusting all of the clocks in the building because of Daylight Saving Time or a power outage. Synchronized clocks simply make a workday much more convenient.

How Do I Know Which System Is Right For Me?

This is perhaps the central route of every prospective buyer’s hesitation. With the wide array of different clock systems at your disposal, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Nearly every clock system that Sapling produces provides its own unique feature that can benefit an organization. Knowing which one to pick can be rather difficult if enough research is not conducted. Unprepared prospective customers can sigh in relief, however, because all of Sapling’s systems are easily adaptable to virtually any organization. If one wants to find out which system suits a specific organization best, it is best to contact one of Sapling’s friendly and helpful sales representatives. Call (888) 809-6063 or watch the videos highlighting Sapling’s synchronized clock systems on its website.

Hopefully this makes it easier for organizations that are on the fence as to whether or not they should implement a synchronized clock system in their facility. Sapling’s systems simply make everything easier for an organization and provide durability that is essential for a long-term return on investment. The best thing to do is help Sapling help you, contact a sales representative. You will be glad you did.