As We Go On, We Remember

This is the time of year where doors begin to close and others begin to open; where chapters are finished being written and the next one begins. People all around the world are having their lives changed and moving on to new phases of their lives. It is the graduation time of year! College students all around the country are completing their undergraduate college careers, dawning their cap and gown, hearing their names called and gracefully walking upon the stage to receive their diploma, the official certificate that is the ultimate culmination of all the effort and hard work displayed over the last few years!

Once undergraduate work is completed, the world awaits the graduates. Whether going into teaching, nursing, business or any occupation or industry, or have decided to continue your post graduate studies, their work will be aided by the implementation of a Sapling wireless clock system. This system’s versatility is able to adapt and provide stability to any industry in the market today.

Within Sapling’s Wireless Clock System, there are many parts operating together which allow each clock within the system to display the most accurate time possible. Sapling’s Wireless Clock System includes a master clock and many secondary clocks, which can be analog or digital in style, all working together to provide accurate time within any given facility.

The master clock is the head of the operation, sending out the time signal for the clocks to receive. Sapling’s master clock, which can receive time from an (S)NTP server, sends out the time and also can be programmed to ring bells in a school, turn on/off lights throughout an office, among many other things.

What makes Sapling’s wireless clock system stand out is the fact that the clocks have the ability to act as a transceiver; clocks can receive and retransmit the time signal to neighboring clocks, maximizing the strength and distance the signal can be transmitted. Secondary clocks act like a transceiver, receiving and sending the signal back out to each other, thus making the Sapling signal stronger than any other.

Sapling would like to wish continued success and good luck to all this year’s college graduates and hope that you find yourself living your dreams as soon as possible!