Wireless Technology: What Sapling has in Store for Wireless Synchronized Clocks

As the world continues to push through into the 21st Century, technology is evolving at tremendous rates. Probably the largest trend to be found among modern advancements is the expanding use of wireless technology. Many devices that were once wired to interface with other technology have evolved into wireless signal transmitters, receivers or transceivers. In order to keep up with this trend, companies and society alike have been implementing wireless technology into their everyday business practices.

Wireless technology can be used in almost all functions of an organization in some shape or form. Today, just about everyone can be found using multiple wireless devices at work, home, school or even when traveling. The increased use of smart phones, iPads, WiFi, wireless device controllers, etc. suggests an ever-growing need for mobile and on-the-go technology as well as stationary wireless devices such as wireless hotspots, videogame controllers, keyboards and computer mice.

In addition to the use of wireless control and signal transmission, these devices are being created to run solely on battery power. With the use of battery power, technology is free to evolve completely wire-free. Along with this wireless technology, therefore, comes the growing trend of rechargeable or replacement batteries. It is safe to say that wireless signal transmission and battery power are key to the development of technology use in the future.

How Does Sapling Help an Organization Stay on Top with Wireless Technology?

At Sapling, we recognize the rising need for firms to go wireless in all that they do. That is why we implemented our patented, frequency-hopping wireless technology into our product line over five years ago. Our wireless slave clocks with transmitter (master clock) meet the needs of the 21st century by providing wireless synchronization that allows for the flexible placement of clocks wherever desired. Sapling wireless analog clocks are battery powered and require zero wiring. Wireless, battery powered devices are the way of the future and Sapling strives to innovate their wireless technology and adapt as needs change, all while remaining wire-free in an increasingly wireless world. We hope to provide our customers with innovative and effective solutions for all their time keeping needs.