Wireless Repeaters- The Hidden Gems of the Sapling Company

We have all been pleasantly surprised at one time in our lives. Whether receiving an unsolicited compliment from someone, your favorite sports team pulling off a shocking upset or getting an unsuspected birthday present. The feeling of being surprised is unlike any other and can create memories that could last a lifetime. There are things in life that go unnoticed but could positively influence us in an instance, providing that extra little push we need.

Within our wireless system, each clock contains a built-in repeater, which allows the clock to receive time from all angles and then retransmits the time to its neighboring clocks within the system. This ensures Sapling’s system is extremely accurate. It is unique technology used exclusively by Sapling, and helps the signal become stronger throughout the system.

In certain instances, the wireless signal may not reach a clock within the system. In order to help extend the wireless time signal, Sapling offers a wireless repeater. Applicable to either the SAL series analog wireless clocks or the SBL series digital wireless clocks, our wireless repeater is the best choice to help lengthen the signal strength of the wireless clock system.

Large facilities, like a college campus with many buildings for example, are still bale to run from the same master clock because the signal will be ‘repeated’ and sent out with the help of Sapling’s patented frequency-hopping technology. Each system clock uses this frequency to hop the transmission to all of the surrounding clocks, which allows it to send/receive the signal back without any interference from other frequencies. Furthermore, because the clocks operate on this open frequency range, there is no expensive FCC license required in operation of the system.

The Wireless Repeater is an excellent resource to improve the ability of the already prized Sapling wireless clock system, able to aid in the operational activities of numerous industries!