Time to Run at Recess!

No one can forget the good old days in elementary school when the most anticipated time of the day was recess. You trade in lessons in math and English, pencils and blackboards for lessons in exercise and liveliness, fresh air and blacktops. It was seen as a respite time for teachers and for students to escape the confines of the desk and release energy into constructive competition and joyful reprieve. Those precious moments spent outside the classroom are just as vital in the development of a child as the ones spent inside the classroom.

Despite the notion that children need to spend as much classroom time as possible to learn necessary components, recent research has disproved this belief. A recent study generated declared children who get more physical activity are more inclined to have elevated GPAs and enhanced standardized tests scores. The more a child’s body is in motion, the better the capability of all the functions of the body, including the brain leading to greater memory, creativity and attention span.

A proper amount of time must be allotted for children to have the time to run around, exercising their bodies, minds and social skills. To commence the recreational time, a bell rings to signal the end of class. The bell schedule can be can be set up through a Sapling master clock web interface, maintaining consistency in daily activities. This is possible through the installation of a Sapling synchronized clock system through a school facility or district. With synchronized time surging through the building, each faculty member is able to distribute the proper amount of time to all that needs to be accomplished in a given school day, including time for some outside amusement to help refresh themselves throughout the day.

Each aspect is of equal importance to the growth of a child into a viable, responsible member of society and contributes to their future and living a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. To be a fully active human, both in mind and body, time has to be taken to teach the young how to do this, and if school faculty can take this vital time and instill these comprehensive values early in their development, students will be equipped with the tools to lead a successful life.

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