TalkBack Clock System – Freshman Year

Life on a college campus during a student’s freshman year is one that is filled with a plethora of different emotions. For students, it’s the first taste of independence. After a lifetime of being under the supervision of parents or guardians, these students are finally free to do what they want, when they want, however they want. Some students soon find out that it’s not exactly a dream come true. A select handful of students will know what to do right out of the floodgates, but for the majority, it normally takes time to adjust to the college life. Without Mom and Dad around, it’s only on you to wake up, eat breakfast, go to class, do your homework, do your laundry (the one I personally hate the most) and do many other activities that you normally did with the assistance of your parents. Most of the time, students eventually learn how to adjust to life without supervision, but it can be a rough first few weeks for the students who do not have proficient time-management skills, which is a relatively high percentage. If a college or university wants their students to be academically effective right from the start of their college journeys, installing a high quality clock system throughout the freshman dorms can help make it happen. Sapling’s TalkBack clock system is the ideal clock system for dorms on college campuses.

Most of the issues that students face during their freshman year are time-related, which isn’t entirely their faults either. Most students had their parents planning out their daily routine way before college. They may have made breakfast for them every morning, drove them to school, made sure they stayed on top of their homework and a variety of other activities that they will have to do on their own in college. When parents are taken out of the equation, students have to be able to manage their time efficiently if they are going to complete all of these tasks. If there is an inadequate clock system installed throughout the dorm, freshman year can be quite a humbling experience to say the least. Students might not catch on immediately that the clocks in their building are not uniform, which can lead to a multitude of issues. This was something I personally went through during my freshman year. After being tardy for class a few times, not having time to grab lunch between classes and just having no firm control over your school day, it’s easy to become discouraged. Freshman year is one of the most exciting, as well as stressful times of a young person’s life. A college or university should take that into account and act accordingly. The probability of a student not coming back for a second year increases when they are being set up to fail, and that is something a college or university should want to avoid.

Sapling’s TalkBack clock system is precisely the product that can help students manage their time efficiently. This system works different relative to a standard wireless clock system. Similar to its wireless counterpart, it synchronizes the time throughout the vicinity with the use of a master clock, repeaters and secondary clocks. However, instead of merely receiving messages from its owner, this advanced system has the ability to send messages as well. Sapling’s TalkBack clock system can be programmed to send emails to its owners regarding its present status. This allows the clock system owner to cater to any need the clock system may have, while lowering the likelihood that a student will be affected by any sort of issue that may arise with the clock system, such as a battery change or frequency conflict.

For a time as intense as freshman year, it’s important not to panic. Having control over the time promotes such behavior. Schools should do everything they can to ensure that their freshman class is given every chance possible to succeed. This will result in more students graduating, which is beneficial for that particular institute of higher learning. It enhances the school’s reputation for academic success, which can increase the amount of incoming freshman for the following year. Also, more graduates mean more alumni. This certainly increases the odds of donations coming the school’s way. All in all, with the use of Sapling’s TalkBack clock system in freshman dorm rooms, both the students and the school win. So if you are a decision-making higher education professional and want to be the hero at the next budget meeting, contact a Sapling representative ASAP!