The Sapling Company Announces the TalkBack Technology Wireless System



HUNTINGDON VALLEY, PA – February 23, 2012 – The Sapling Company, Inc., a leader in synchronized clock systems, has unveiled their TalkBack Technology Wireless Clock System. TalkBack Technology provides users with a two way communication between the clocks and the master clock. With this communication, the clocks not only receive the time, but provide the master clock with its current status.

TalkBack Technology is a wireless clock system working off of Sapling’s 915-928 MHz frequency-hopping technology. In traditional wireless systems, the slave clock simply receives the time from the master clock and corrects itself. With TalkBack Technology, the slave clocks actually report back useful information such as battery life, signal strength and mechanical or display status to the master clock. These statistics help facilities managers or plant operations managers to be proactive if the clock happens to need maintenance.

Along with status updates from the clock, the administrator of the system can choose to be notified via e-mail of any changes in the system. Unlike other two way communication clock systems, Sapling’s TalkBack Technology does not require any servers or software to run the system. It’s all done in Sapling’s Master Clock with its built-in web interface. “We felt like one of the most important aspects of TalkBack Technology was ensuring that there was no additional equipment to purchase or special software to support,” said Mitch Gobetz, Sapling’s Marketing Manager. “That’s why we worked so hard to have everything done inside of our master clock.”

Wireless clock systems have been available for around seven years, but TalkBack Technology is the first to offer a truly wireless, two way communication without using additional infrastructure such as Wi-Fi or servers. TalkBack Technology still delivers automatic Daylight Saving Time correction, frequency-hopping technology and has a repeater built into each and every clock for enhanced signal coverage in lieu of purchasing multiple repeaters. TalkBack Technology is also fully compliant including FCC and UL listings, which is unique in this product market.


Sapling’s TalkBack Technology is now available through a limited release. For more information, please call (215)322-6063 for details.

About The Sapling Company, Inc.

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