Stop, Drop and Install a Synchronized Clock System

There are specific duties that a school is responsible for in their daily operations. Teachers are accountable when it comes to teaching students the subjects needed to learn such as math and English. Along with that, principals and fellow staff are liable to make the correct decisions that maximize the benefits in regards to budget, operations and student involvement. None of these obligations are necessary without developing the most important aspect a school provides to its students and their families: safety.

Students may spend more time at school then they do at home. Bonds are developed throughout the school which create an atmosphere that positively contributes to growth. With so much time being spent in an outside environment, it is important to the students, along with their families, that schools take every precautionary step necessary in order to provide the safest facilities.

There are many procedures that schools test incase an unsafe situation arises so students will be well prepared. One emergency schools consistently run drills on is in case a fire breaks out. Running an effective drill out of the building can be difficult because of the abundant amount of students. A reliable way to improve the efficiency of this particular task is to install a Sapling synchronized clock system, more specifically where the digital clocks have the ability to display numeric messaging in a 4 to 6 character message for mass notification. For example, during a fire evacuation, digital school clocks have the ability to display “FiRE,” which can give vital aid during a high-stress situation.

Schools and their districts should constantly be looking to improve their safety precautions because the lives of our young are invaluable, and employing a synchronized clock system is an efficient way to provide additional assistance in such situations.