Sapling’s Wireless Clock System – Offers Reliability and Accuracy

A common misperception about Sapling’s Wireless Clock System is that if one clock fails, they all fail. This is simply not the case. Sapling has engineered each clock within the wireless system to include a number of features that ensure if one clock stops working for some reason, the others will continue to operate without interruption.

Below are a few of the features that help Sapling’s Wireless Clock System stand out among the rest:

Ease of Installation

Most established companies and organizations typically have had wired clock systems installed in their facilities for many years. Along with installing the secondary clocks, money must be spent on bringing in an electrician to correctly install/maintenance the system in order to ensure power and data is being provided to the clocks. By choosing a Sapling wireless clock system, this eliminates the need for complicated wiring and costly maintenance fees.

When the time comes to install a battery-powered wireless analog clock, all a user needs to do is place the batteries in the back of the clock and hang on the wall. You are not limited to placing the clock where the wires are located.

Each Clock Contains a Built-in Repeater

Whether the clock is analog or digital, every clock within Sapling’s wireless system contains a built-in repeater. This means that the clocks are capable of receiving as well as retransmitting the time data to neighboring clocks . This attribute eliminates the need to purchase high powered transmitters and additional repeaters to pass along the signal.

The addition of the built-in repeater also allows the secondary clocks to receive the time signal from multiple paths, which further increases the accuracy and quality of the signal.

Patented Frequency-Hopping Technology

In order to effectively pass along the time signal, Sapling utilizes its frequency-hopping technology. This patented technology allows for the signal to be sent out on multiple frequencies in order to prevent interference with other wireless products that are installed throughout a facility. The wireless clock system switches frequencies instantaneously and never stays on the same one for a long period of time, eliminating any possible interference.

Sapling has engineered its wireless system to make sure that if one clock is inoperable, the other clocks within the system would continue to function properly and transmit the most accurate time signal to the surrounding clocks. By implementing a wireless clock system, a facility will not only be receiving the most accurate time possible, but will gain the peace of mind knowing that the clocks will continually operate if one clock happens to stop functioning.