Sapling Wireless Clocks for Your Office Complex

As many business owners can tell you, once a company gets large enough, the amount of “man power” and space needed to continue functioning becomes quite massive. Large businesses and corporations often find themselves in large office buildings and/or multi-building office campuses in order to accommodate business functions and a large staff.

As the story usually goes, employees find themselves traveling from floor to floor and building to building as they come and go for company meetings, appointments with clients, lunch breaks and clocking out. This seemingly chaotic depiction is actually rather normal for a thriving business and usually very systematic.

Integral to the continued order of such basic work practices is time. Without a dependable time system to keep things running smoothly, business men and women may find that they struggle to meet deadlines, make appointments and arrive promptly to work. To ensure that everyone within a company is running on the same and accurate time, synchronized clock systems can be installed in the company headquarters.

Consider the following situation, for example. Notice how this hypothetical organization faced serious implications due to a lack of uniform time throughout company property. Then take note of how they managed to bounce back with the installation of a synchronized wireless clock system and master clock.

Here’s The Situation:

• A growing business, whose services rely heavily on the use of precise time, is rapidly expanding and has moved headquarters from a single facility, to a larger multi-building campus.
• Each building typically has 3-5 floors with many rooms and offices.
• After several months, the company is finding discrepancies between employees from individual buildings, floors and departments, and their personal devices or company clocks regarding displayed time.
• The clocks are standalone, do not synchronize and drift frequently.
• The ability of the firm to function efficiently and effectively has been jeopardized due the negative effect these clocks have on employee punctuality in all areas of its business functions.

The president of the company has decided that relying on standalone clocks is not conducive to the success of the business and therefore has decided to seek a synchronized clock provider.

After seeking a free consultation from The Sapling Company, the president of the firm has decided to install Sapling’s Wireless Clock System to eliminate time issues within the company’s multi-building headquarters.

Getting your company in sync using Sapling’s solution:

• Sapling’s SMA 3000 Series Master Clock and Wireless Clock System will be installed on the premises to guarantee synchronization from a highly accurately NTP time source without the need for wiring expenses or a disruptive installation process.
• Each wireless clock acts as a transceiver, ensuring that every clock on every floor will display accurate time and correct often to avoid drifting, even under the effects of noise, construction materials and long distances.
• When a signal cannot reach a neighboring corporate building, a network repeater further extends synchronized time into the building with ease using an Ethernet jack connected to the company network.

No more headaches! Everyone is where they should be, when they should be!

After installing the new wireless clock system, employees noticed the difference immediately. No one uses the excuse anymore that they had “a different time”. Work has become efficient again, meetings are held on time, and clocking in and out promptly is no longer a particular concern. As an added bonus, other resource-saving features, which come from the master clock, can be taken advantage of. With its interfacing capabilities, other systems such as heating and air-conditioning are controlled easily with Sapling’s event scheduling Web Interface, as well. At the end of the day, Sapling’s wireless clocks save this company time, money and resources.