Sapling – More than Just Clocks

Sapling is a company that engineers, manufactures and sells synchronized clock systems. The main benefit of installing a synchronized clock system is that it provides the exact same time to all the clocks within a facility. No matter what part of the building you are in, the clocks will be completely uniform and accurate.

You can find synchronized clock systems in many different types of industries, including: Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Government, Manufacturing and many more. Typically, a synchronized clock system includes a master clock, digital and/or analog clocks, a way to power the clocks and a variety of optional accessories. Besides these tangible products, there are a few intangible advantages that are included with Sapling’s synchronized clock systems. Below are a few attributes that helps Sapling stand out among the competition.


When you install a Sapling synchronized clock system in your facility, you will gain the peace of mind knowing that the clock system will continue to display the most accurate time, at all times. For example, if you decide to implement a Wireless Clock System, each clock includes a built-in repeater. The built-in repeater allows the clocks to receive and retransmit the time signal out to neighboring clocks. With this system, the master clock is not the only source of time for the secondary clocks, the clocks themselves receive and retransmit the signal, ensuring that the accurate time is always being displayed throughout a facility.

Superior Craftsmanship

Along with being engineered and assembled in the United States, all of Sapling’s products are constructed with the highest quality materials. For example, our analog clocks are constructed with durable ABS housing for the clock, shatterproof crystal and an anti-fading polystyrene dial, which will not fade over time. By choosing the most durable materials, Sapling’s goal is to provide your facility a long-lasting clock system.


While Sapling is dedicated to providing customers a high-quality product, we are also dedicated to providing you the best possible service and support after the purchase has been completed. When you install a Sapling synchronized clock system in your facility, you will receive technical support for the life of the product. Through this, we hope to show our commitment to our clock systems as well as our customers.

For more information about Sapling’s synchronized clock systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us!