Network Repeaters Bypass Obstructions for Wireless Clock Systems

Many businesses have noticed an ever increasing dependence on wireless devices as our culture embraces the era of information technology. Not only is wireless being used in laptops, cell phones and iPads, it is being used for objects that don’t usually leave a facility as well. To avoid the installation of wiring throughout buildings, many firms have implemented wireless technology into much of the equipment that is integral to their functions. This includes everything from RFid tags to barcode scanners and even synchronized clocks.

How efficient these devices actually make a company, however, depends solely on its ability to receive a signal anywhere within its premises. Devices often struggle with interference or receiving wireless signals due to obstructions, especially across multi-building campuses without wireless repeaters. Because time is valuable in every business setting, choosing wireless technology that does not frequently lose signal and hinder job tasks is extremely important.

When it comes to wireless synchronized clocks, The Sapling Company ensures that every clock in your building or across campus will remain up-to-date and accurate. Sapling SAL-2 (analog) and SBL 1000 (digital) Series clocks each act as a transceiver which mean they both receive and send data to and from other clocks within a 300+ ft. range. No longer will your clocks rely solely on their ability to receive a signal from the master clock. With each clock transmitting a signal, dead zones will be eliminated, guaranteeing the correct time will always be displayed.

Even in large campus settings, every Sapling clock will be able to synchronize to the SMA Series Master Clock with the use of a network repeater via a TCP/IP connection. A network repeater extends the Sapling wireless signal across buildings and campuses. This enables any slave clock within range to pick up the signal, even at a satellite location and begin retransmitting it again. Installing a Sapling Wireless Clock System significantly reduces any time wasted by an organization’s employees on searching for signals and troubleshooting wireless devices.

Whether your timekeeping needs are for a college campus, corporate headquarters, hospitals or a manufacturing plant, synchronized clock systems provided by Sapling ensure that every clock across every building will be up-to-date and in sync.