Keep Business Running Smooth with Wireless Clocks

Keeping the flow of work moving in a business is extremely vital for any company. In order to keep employees effective while on the job, it is even more important that they have the right resources and technology available to them to make it happen. Let’s look at wireless clocks for example. Wireless clocks are an affordable, technologically advanced solution for keeping a facility efficient and giving workers a reliable foundation to conduct their duties. Wireless clock systems are reliable, very precise, and able to integrate with other systems all while maintaining the groundwork that allows a business to function without disruption.

What are wireless clocks, anyway?

These clocks require no wiring, are battery powered and synchronize with an accurate time source. Wireless clocks consistently receive a time signal or for correction on a reoccurring basis. The signal contains the exact time as established by a GPS receiver or NTP time server attached to the master clock. With wireless clocks, an accurate time is always displayed and uniform throughout every clock in the building.

But what is so special about a wireless clock system?

With a wireless clock system installed in a facility comes the advantages of the master clock. The master clock is perhaps the most advantageous part of the system. A master clock is not only capable of retrieving correct time and dispersing it to subsequent wireless clocks, but also has the ability to power on and off other systems via relay connections. When attached to the master clock, systems such as bells, alarms and heating can each be scheduled to activate automatically at desired times. This is where the true efficiency of the system really comes into play.

How does the master clock help organizations run smoothly?

When other systems in a building run through the master clock, the daily flow of work continues with ease. In education facilities, for instance, tying bells to the wireless clock system ensures that every clock displays the same, correct time when they ring. This eliminates confusion and the occurrence of discrepancies in time from classroom to classroom. If you tie alarms into the system, then regularly scheduled fire drills can occur automatically and when expected. It is easy to see why companies stand to benefit from installing and interfacing other systems with a wireless clock system.

Is that all?

There are additional features in a wireless master clock system that put the icing on the cake. Not only can scheduling be done for integrated systems, but multiple schedules can be made for various types of work days and occasions. Wireless clock systems can be zoned to only reflect certain schedules in certain parts of a building and can be programmed to account automatically for Daylight Saving changes whenever they may occur. With wireless clocks in your facility, less time is wasted activating various systems or fixing the clock schedule and the company can spend more time focusing on typical, day-to-day business.