How To: Install a Sapling SAL-2 Series Wireless Analog Clock

With a Sapling Wireless Clock System, installing analog clocks throughout any building, campus, or terminal is as easy as hanging the family portrait over the mantle. Each clock is battery operated, wirelessly synchronized, and hung simply by the supplied mounting bracket. Without the need of wiring, a clock can effortlessly be positioned anywhere the mounting bracket can be placed. Follow these three simple steps to mounting your wireless clock system and begin benefitting from accurate synchronized time today!

Note: Upon receiving your wireless system, make sure your SMA Series Master Clock with built-in wireless transmitter is fully installed. Perform Steps 1-2 while in range of the master clock.

Step 1. After you remove the clock from its packaging, proceed to take out the pin and battery cover from the back of the clock.

Step 2. Insert 2 D-cell batteries into the battery compartment and replace the cover.

Note: When powered, the clock begins to receive wireless data within 1 to 2 minutes as long as the transmitter is within range. As this is happening, the second-hand will first begin to indicate signal strength between 1 and 10 on the clock.

1 = highest, 10 = weakest

Wait 10 seconds and the clock will begin rotating to the correct time position.

Step 3. Hang the clock on the supplied mounting bracket in your desired location. Repeat Steps 1-3 for each additional clock. When complete, your wireless clock system is now up and running!

Remember: Each clock acts as a transceiver. They are able to send and receive data from both the master clock and surrounding clocks. Depending on construction material, clocks may be placed as far as 300ft – 500ft from each other and still transmit data back and forth.

Please view the following video for a demonstration of how easy it is to install the SAL-2 Series Wireless Clock.