How a Zone Clock Can Help Your Organization

In many businesses, across a variety of industries, many employees are constantly communicating with others that reside in different countries or regions across the globe. Whether you are trying to schedule a conference call, get in touch with a satellite office, or even send an e-mail, knowing the exact time in the regions you are working with is vital. To help save time wondering where a return e-mail is or why there isn’t anyone picking up the phone at the company’s international office, implementing a zone clock within your facility can do any organization and its employees a world of good.

A zone clock is a clock that has the capability to display the time in your current location as well as locations around the globe. Installing Sapling’s zone clock offers a variety of benefits to many different facilities around the world. For example, in the healthcare industry, a doctor can send a patient’s x-rays for a second opinion to colleague on the other side of the world and know exactly what time that colleague will be arriving at the office. A zone clock can also help employees working in a broadcasting station by assisting employees in communicating with correspondents who are stationed around the globe as well as staying on top of any breaking news occurring worldwide. A third industry that can benefit from the implementation of a zone clock is the corporate sector. Since companies conduct business with corporations and customers all over the globe, installing a zone clock lets employees know when an international company’s workday begins and ends as well as assists with the scheduling of meetings, conference calls and when a satellite office is up and running for the day.

These are just a few of the industries that Sapling’s zone clock can assist. With the implementation of Sapling’s zone clock, your facility will not only be operating under the most accurate time, they can also properly plan out their day and manage their time with much more precision when working across multiple time zones.