FCC Licensing on Sapling Wireless Clocks – Why You Don’t Need It

As society becomes increasingly efficient with cutting costs and exceptional at reducing the use of physical resources, it must also struggle with the overwhelming amount of wireless signals that are consequently being emitted all around. In virtually every developed country in the world, wireless technology with radio frequency (RF) has become a part of everyday life. Because certain frequencies of radio waves can be harmful to human beings or cause interference on other frequencies, it is important to monitor and control the use of RF technology in wireless systems.

To combat the accelerated use of RF, the U.S. has implemented the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) government agency. The FCC was established in 1934 to regulate interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. Today, the FCC is responsible for handling and processing the use of RF and charging businesses additional fees for the use of frequencies that are within a specified range. Such technologies, which require the purchase of an FCC license, can be extremely tedious and cost firms thousands of dollars in the long run.

FCC licenses must be purchased for a desired period of time and repurchased for renewal every time that period is up. Whenever possible, purchasing equipment that does not require an FCC license will save both valuable time and money. For this reason, The Sapling Company is proud to offer wireless synchronized clocks that do not require the purchase of an FCC license in today’s cost sensitive economy.

Sapling offers digital and analog wireless clocks that work on patented 915-928 MHz frequency-hopping technology. Because it operates on a license-free RF range set by the FCC, purchasing Sapling’s wireless clock system will eliminate thousands of dollars in expenses on FCC licensing and wiring as well. Valuable time will not go wasted from the hassle of filing for a renewal and gathering the finances needed for repurchase every time the license ends. Make every penny and every second count with an accurate, synchronized and license-free clock system.

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