Advantages of Wireless Clock Systems

Sometimes staying ahead of the curve in today’s technologically advancing world can be tough. Engineers and product developers are constantly trying to come up with new ideas to spur the wheel of creativity in the hi-tech market, and developing a wireless clock system is not exclusive to this issue. With The Sapling Company, however, innovation and creativity is a standard in the creation of our products. This is why every synchronized clock system and product we produce has a number of “advantages” that our competitor’s product does not. In this blog post, we will be discussing these specific advantages of our wireless clock systems that we feel differentiate our product from the rest.

Wireless Clock Synchronization

This feature of Sapling’s wireless clocks maximizes the coverage of the wireless signal. Each clock has the ability to receive a wireless signal and, at the same time, send it back out to other clocks in its 150 foot radius.

Wireless Clock Networks and Accuracy

With the transceiver clock feature, the clocks create a “mesh network” where they receive their signal from multiple paths, as opposed to sending one extremely powerful signal out from the main transmitter. This concept essentially allows a building or facility to install an unlimited number of clocks within the wireless clock system.

Regulatory Considerations of Wireless Clock Systems

Sapling’s wireless clocks system works off of a wireless signal that rides multiple frequencies, which we call “frequency hopping”. The FCC requires licenses for sending a wireless signal over a constant frequency, so with our frequency hopping technology, users do not have to fill out paper work and fill out FCC licenses every year.

Web-Based Master Clock

To provide our end users with an “ease of use” of our wireless clock system, Sapling has developed a web-based control panel for all settings of the wireless system’s master clock. Instead of manually setting features and schedules through push buttons on the actual master clock, Sapling allows users to set up their master clock through a web interface, accessible through any web browser.

With Sapling’s innovative and advanced wireless clock system, we can offer our end users these specific advantages that they won’t find elsewhere. The aforementioned benefits of this system are specific to Sapling, and are the reason Sapling is able to stay ahead of the curve in today’s ever-progressing technological market. These advantages are what make Sapling the innovative company that it is today, as well as the ideal choice when choosing to implement a synchronized wireless clock system.

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